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Information on this website
Information which includes all facts, data and other information, collectively the "Information" in the pages on this website is of a general nature, is intended only for informational purposes, is subject to change without notice and is not intended to be relied on by visitors as advice on any particular matter.

Accuracy of the information on this website
The information is believed to be accurate, complete and current when posted, but IBA cannot guarantee that it will remain accurate or complete or that it will be current at all times.
IBA is not responsible for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, regardless of the cause, arising out the use of this website.

Accuracy of information on linked websites
The IBA website contains links to other sites that may be of interest to our visitors. IBA has no control over the accuracy, completeness or relevance of the information on these sites and does not endorse the sites or their products or services. 

Copying information from this website
The information on the IBA website may be used or copied provided that it is used or copied accurately, not taken out of context, and that the source of the information is clearly identified. The information may not be used for commercial purposes and IBA is not responsible for the way in which the information may be used or copied.

Where applicable, information on this website is protected by the IBA's copyright interests. 
IBA reserves the right to change, delete or add information at any time.

Notice of change to the IBA Privacy Policy
IBA reserves the right to change this privacy policy and will give notice of these changes on the IBA website.